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Einat Friedman executive PR activities focuses on four main areas: public relations, business image-building, content productions and business relationship building.

The firm was founded in 2014 by Mrs. Einat Friedman. With more than two decades of experience in advertising and production, advertising, media firms and journalism, Friedman has decided to focus on building business and public images.

The firm’s clients enjoy Friedmans expertise and experience in content writing, advertising and production and her personal relationships with journalists and advertisers.

Friedmans personal vitality and energy is what drives the firm forward and promises you exactly the PR your company needs.

Our activity focuses on four main areas: public relations, business image-building, content production and business relationship building.

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Our firm has produced a wide range of prestigious, leading business magazines in Israel for many years. These magazines provide a platform for businesspeople in key positions in the Israeli economy, to influence and communicate.

The ‘Menahalim’ magazine was published at the end of December 2018 in Haaretz TheMarker, in collaboration with the newspaper’s commercial department. The magazine, which was issued in print and digital, included an annual summary and a view towards 2019 of senior executives in the Israeli economy. The magazine conducted interviews with managers driving change in organizations in diverse fields, addressing their corporate strategy, managerial outlook and the leadership values they instill in their organizations.

Forbes Israel has served as a standard for the world economy since 1917. The content published in the magazine provides quality local content, with a unique character – interviews with influencers in the Israeli economy, in-depth analyses and coverage of the premium world, as well as tourism, real estate, lifestyle and more. As part of the cooperation with the Forbes magazine commercial department we create high-level quality content for our clients, specifically targeting the Forbes Israel readership. 

Our clients also enjoy another project, special content productions we conduct for the magazine ‘Atmosphere’. The magazine is distributed to all El Al passengers, close to half a million people monthly! El Al-survey figures indicate that about 80% of the passengers browse through the magazine, which is considered a quality and enriching magazine. These content articles are also published in the online magazine ‘AT’.

In addition to these unique activities our firm also provides PR services. We design the precise mix of media visibility for each and every client. With abundant creativity, innovative thought and vibrant execution – we make sure our clients are portrayed in a complimentary and favorable light.

We invite you to meet and look forward to creating the most suitable and precise plan to fit your needs.

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The key words that guide our activity are Creativity, Visibility, Professionalism and Innovation.

While media has changed significantly over recent decades, some truths have not changed. One of them is that “a good name is better than riches”, and we excel in creating a good name for products, businesses, and more importantly – for the people behind them.

To all these we add the final touch that distinguishes our activity. In a world in which a picture is really worth a thousand words, product styling is not a dirty word, it is a must. It is an art, and we provide this service as well. We make sure to show your best side, both metaphorically and literally. Our content productions also include a photography team, makeup artist, designer and stylist.

And perhaps most important – we’re always looking for “the next thing”, and who knows, that might be you!

We will be glad to show the best of you to the world.


The Einat Friedman LeadershiPR team is at your service.


Einat Friedman

Our Services, Friedman Public Relations

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