Woman Leaders 2023

In the current reality in Israel 2023, even more than any year before, it is most important to bring to the forefront inspiring woman, who set an example of success against all odds.  The women who fight daily to lead the Israeli economy and society, to manage, develop and nurture the leading women of tomorrow- in the economy, government services, media and sports.

“Women Leaders” a joint project of Einat Friedman executive PR and “Calcalist”, we receive a glimpse to the world of those extraordinary women, who lead Israeli society in its many fields, such as Dr. Yifat Shasha Biton, Member of the Knesset and current Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and also former Minister of Education, Raz Hershko, Judoist olympian part of the Israeli national team, Miri Nebo, leading media woman, Aviya Magen, network CEO at  ‘FATAL’ hotel chain, and dozens of  other successful and trailblazing women, who share their aachievements, source of inspiration and their thoughts about their future and the future status of women in Israel in general.


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