Women leaders 2021

2021 is the official year of a global pandemic- COVID19, a year that completely disrupted all plans and changed the rules of the game.
A year in which we frenziedly realized that in terms of gender equality we have gone back years, if not decades.
Following COVID19, many women, even more than men, have lost their jobs or put their careers on hold in favor of taking care of the household and the children who have stayed home as well.

Domestic violence is on the rise, women are raped, buttered, bullied and murdered in their own home. Sadly, this news seems to be passing by, normalized. It also seems that not too much was and is done to prevent and to eradicate.

But this is also a year in which leaders were able to march their country safely through the pandemic, a year in which a female vice president was elected for the first time in the USA, the most powerful nation in the world. A year in which women are at the head of scientific research and others are leading the front of the medical world’s fight against COVID19.This magazine is a platform to those inspiring women. To those we must thank for due to them we are all in a far better place than we could have been in. Women who have proven that female leadership is the way to manage countries, cities, economies, businesses, organizations and also crises.


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