Every PR project is a world unto itself. It requires developing and maintaining relationships, writing abilities, creativity and improvisation, and mainly precision and attention to the smallest detail. Our firm specializes in quality public relations and in the ability to tell a top-rate story that portrays our clients in a favorable and positive light.

In our large projects, in which we have partnered for many years, we collaborate with the best and most prestigious business newspapers, magazines and supplements in Israel, among them ‘TheMarker’ magazine published by Haaretz and El Al’s ‘Atmosphere’ magazine. These magazines are a conduit for a wide range of senior businesspeople in Israel to voice their opinion and to put forth their vison, and many times also to impact both small and big decisions and actions alike.

Our projects include professional photographs that we produce in a professional photography day we conduct, including design, makeup and apparel. We handle and ensure that every participant is portrayed and appears at his or her best, and that their picture will optimally reflects their business values.


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