Special Content Productions

A few words about the production of content published in the magazines ‘Forbes Israel’, TheMarker’s ‘Menahalim’, Haaretz ‘Shamenet’ magazine, El Al’s ‘Atmosphere’ and La-Isha ‘AT’ magazine.

As part of the large projects we have been a part of for many years, we collaborate with thebest newspapers, magazines and prestigious business supplements in Israel:

‘Forbes Israel’magazine, a prestigious quality and world renowned magazine, is distributedmonthly in about 20 thousand copies, and targets an economically well-off sector thatincludes senior managers and decisions makers in the Israeli economy and the wealthy in Israel. As such the magazine is distributed to platinum club members of banks, investmentsbanks and credit card companies, and can be found in El Al lounges and business class.

In the prestigious ‘Menahalim’ magazine, produced in cooperation with theHaaretz/TheMarker commercial department, you can read inspiring interviews with topsenior executives in Israel’s various economic sectors: industry, high-tech, education andadditional fields.

The exclusive ‘Shamenet’ magazine, the Haaretz newspaper lifestyle magazine, covers awide range of topics: culture, fashion, culinary and much more.

‘Atmosphere’magazine is distributed once a month and isfound in every seat pocket in allEl Al flights and in all travel classes. About 450,000 passengers fly El Al every month, and inpeak months this figure even climbs to half a million passengers, many of them flying firstand business class. Surveys conducted by
El Al indicate that about 80% of its passengersopen, browse through and read the magazine, owing to the reputation it gained over theyears as a quality magazine providing high-level content to its readers.

These projects are also published on the ‘AT’ magazine website and thus also distributed tothe magazine’s newsletter members, such that circulation in even wider.
Any Google searchof your name will also display the article and portray you in a positive and favorable light.

Our unique contentarticles are published alongside the leading companies that choose toadvertise in ‘Atmosphere’ magazine each and every month, among them Padani, SemelKitchens, Philip Morris, Samsung, Jack Kuba, Nicoletti, H. Stern and others.
These companiesall benefitfrom the target audience and the high exposure levels. 

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