Annual Executive Magazine 2021-2022

The corona pandemic has had a staggering effect on the entire world since January 2020. Following significant occurrences worldwide, which established a whole new reality, the pandemic had turned into an accelerator for considerable societal, social, and technological changes, and its consequences will be felt for many years to come.

The effects of the pandemic on the world economy have been equally noteworthy. Businesses, schools, and institutions were forced to cope with an immediate worldwide shutdown, as much of the world went into quarantine for long stretches. Unfortunately, these affected businesses tremendously worldwide. Many firms could not survive, leading their owners and employees to leave behind everything they had worked so hard for their entire lives.

However, others managed to succeed and flourish in the midst of all the chaos. Some developed strategies to weather the storm and persevered; some felt a negligible impact of the pandemic and thrived; and some introduced a new phenomenon that conquered most businesses today and is expected to continue even after the pandemic is long gone – working remotely.

The Jerusalem Post Managers Forecast magazine features interviews with 32 of Israel’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and managers, who thrived and stood out in their ability to adapt to changes and prosper against all odds. They will provide their perspectives on how their businesses and organizations deal with the challenges of the past two years, the lessons they learned, and how they intend to apply them to the future course of their businesses and organizations.


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