El Al Atmosphere Magazine

In the air and on land… our quality content is everywhere!


‘Atmosphere’ magazine is currently one of the leading magazines in Israel, and the most known in-flight magazine among airline passengers traveling abroad. The magazine is distributed in El Al flights and addresses a wide variety of topics, among them: business, brands and lifestyle.

Among the companies that advertise in the magazine on a regular basis are renowned names and brands such as: Padani, Semel Kitchens, Philip Morris, Samsung, Jack Kuba, Nicoletti, Natuzzi, H. Stern, Roltime and others.

At Einat Friedman LeadershiPR we produce the main content articles published in the ‘Atmosphere’ magazine. The content represents a mix of leading business people from different fields, opinion leaders and influential and significant individuals who can teach us something. With a precise choice of participants in the articles we deliver projects with quality content.

What makes ‘Atmosphere’ such an attractive and unique magazine for those who take part in our projects? The magazine is produced by El Al, Israel’s national airline and the largest and most popular airline in Israel. The magazine is placed in the seat pocket of every EL AL flight throughout the world, and thus enjoys exposure to about 450,000 travelers a month! A survey conducted by EL AL found that about 80% of all its passengers browse through the magazine during the flight and are thus exposed to the people, brands and companies covered in the magazine. Over the years ‘Atmosphere’ gained an excellent reputation as a magazine that offers its readers quality reading. A content article in the magazine provides the participating individual or organization with a quality platform and a very high exposure rate, alongside additional quality advertisers that choose to appear in the magazine.

Our projects include professional photographs that we produce in a professional shooting day, including styling, makeup and apparel. We handle everything and ensure that every participant is portrayed and appears at his or her best, and that their photo optimally reflects their business values.


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