2050 Magazine

2050 Magazine – April 2017


Throughout history humans have been curious about their future and invented various and different methods to predict that future. More than anything else the numerous methods attest to Man’s enormous need to feel a sense of control over their life. Nowadays, in the age of information, big data, artificial intelligence and crowd wisdom, not only have the prediction methods – or shall we say forecasting – become more sophisticated, but the human need to predict the future has also increased significantly.

Alongside the blessing of technology and human advancement, the digital age also creates extensive uncertainty, which is heightened by the social and economic reality.

Consumer behavior will also change: there will be increased demand for transparency and for receiving concise and rapid information, and the internet or smartphone will be used to connect to service providers.

In 2050 Magazine, senior public figures in the Israeli industry and economy present their assessments and forecasts about what is expected in the various economic sectors within five years, and within 30 years. There is no pretension to accurately predict the future, but rather an effort to delineate prominent trends that will shape this future.

Will these forecasts be realized? And if so, in full or only partially? We will have to wait and see, but one thing is certain: Israel will lead quite a few of the revolutions and technological innovation processes in the world.


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