Forbes Magazine

A magazine that is all business, economics and prestige

Who isn’t familiar with the global Forbes magazine? This popular and successful magazine was founded in 1917 and since then has become a standard for the world economy. Forbes Israel was established in 2004, and is a local branch of Forbes Media.

The magazine provides a wide-range of international content alongside local, quality and unique content.

Over the years Forbes Israel developed its unique character and enjoys extensive media coverage owing to the special and influential Lists it publishes. Among the Lists is a list of the wealthiest politicians in Israel, the most influential women, the best physicians in Israel and a Lists of Israel’s wealthiest individuals.

Alongside all these the magazine provides diverse content, for example interviews with the most prominent individuals in the Israeli economy, in-depth analyses and extensive coverage of the world of premium, real estate, lifestyle, cars, tourism and more.

At Einat Friedman LeadershiPR we produce content articles and special projects published in Forbes, providing significant value to the readers and offering a very unique platform for the participants – a quality, prestigious and influential platform that targets the business community in Israel and provides its participants prestigious positioning alongside politicians, entrepreneurs and the leading businesspeople in Israel.

We create quality high-level content for the magazine, precisely targeted to its readership. Our projects are accompanied by professional photography days that include makeup, design and apparel to best reflect the client’s values and messages.


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