The Advocates

The Advocates – June 2018

During the 70 years since the founding of the State of Israel, we have had numerous legal scandals with a political, social or business aroma. However, besides these legal stories we hear about in the media, legal proceedings take place on a daily basis.

In numbers: about 850,000 new lawsuits are filed every year in Israel, and a judge in Israel handles about 300 legal cases on average simultaneously.

In the next issue we will go behind the scenes of the legal world in Israel and provide a glimpse into this realm through fascinating interviews with the leading lawyers in Israel. The will tell us how they succeeded in advocating for their clients against all odds, and which legal precedents, that made history and became law, they are credited for. We spoke to prominent lawyers in a variety of fields, among them: civil and commercial, family, inheritance and wills, data security, cyber and technology. The interviews reflect the world and work of lawyers in Israel.

We asked the interviewees: what it really looks like? What motivates them? Which case they are particularly proud of? How they find evidence? What has changed in legal work in recent years?


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