Women Leaders of the Future

Women Leaders of the Future – March 2019

The magazine ‘Future Women Leaders’ was published on International Women’s Day, and that is no coincidence. This is a wonderful opportunity to observe, examine and get to know the dozens of successful and prominent women in their respective fields, who undoubtedly represent the new generation of leading women in Israeli politics, society and the economy.

Strong and dominant women participated in this magazine. Women who did not give up and did not compromise, who shattered glass ceilings and reached the top of their professional pyramid. In honest and vulnerable articles they share the path they walked, the obstacles and successes, and the vision and values that drove them to succeed.

Among the project participants are women from the full range of public, economic and social spheres: Minister of Culture and Sport – Miri Regev; Supervisor of Banks – Dr. Hedva Ber; Chairperson of the Board of Peilim – Investment Portfolio Management – Hanna Pri-Zan; Mayor of Netanya – Miriam Fireberg-Ikar; CEO of Lenovo Israel – Sigal Elbaum; the first IDF female battalion commander of a combat collection unit – major Dana Ben Ezra; and even Maor Romem Grau, only 13.5 years old, who became a source of inspiration and a role model for young and old alike.


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